Additional charges may apply to your trip in case of tolls, airport surcharges, or other fees related to the trip.

Tolls: If your driver pays a toll during your trip or may need to pay a toll to return after drop-off, then a charge for the toll may be added to your fare. The toll charge may not reflect the amount actually paid. For example, in some cities, tolls are charged at commercial rates regardless of the amount actually paid, or reflect an estimate due to fluctuations in the amount actually paid.

Airport surcharges: In some areas, there may be a surcharge for pickups or drop-offs at the airport.

Other fees: You may also pay a surcharge or fee charged by your transportation provider for other costs or inconveniences such as a parking fee to enter a venue or if your driver may have a long return trip after drop-off.

Depending on the charge and on the city, these amounts may be retained by your driver, may be paid by your driver to Uber, or may be passed to the airport or other third parties.

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